What if you could change your life overnight? Seriously, overnight? With just a change in thinking. While it might sound far-fetched it’s true…so stay with me to find out how. But first, the two components: Your beliefs about yourself, others and the world are a lens through which you filter EVERYTHING, seriously, everything!   Why do […]

Mistakes runners make…Compare and Despair

Mistakes runners make…Compare and Despair

We have all been here, compared ourselves to other runners and felt like total crap! Compare and despair is the pits. So why do we do it? As social creatures, we are always comparing ourselves to others.   There is the good side where we find our tribe and community and have a sense of belonging. […]

Mistakes runners make…Thinking there is some secret to success…

Mistakes runners make…Thinking there is some secret to success

Are you willing to do things that others aren’t willing to do? That’s what it comes down to at the end of the day, whether it’s a running goal, business or work goal, personal development goal, or even relationship goals. There is no secret formula, the successful people don’t have a special X-factor…generally speaking. They […]

Yes! You can change your mindset

Yes, you can change your mindset (thoughts and beliefs) and in doing so achieve your goals.  Here’s the simple three-step process: #1. Awareness.  You have to know what your mindset is first before you can change it.  What stories are running in your head, what beliefs are lurking below the surface, what thoughts are playing […]

Mistakes runners make…Not having consistency

Mistakes runners make…Not having consistency

Weekend warriors unite!  I was totally guilty of this when I first started trail running. I would absolutely smash myself on a massive mission on the weekend and spend the week recovering just to do it all over again. Don’t get me wrong, if that’s how you roll and you’re happy with it, go for […]

5 Reasons you should care about your mindset Tanya, I’m doing OK, why should I care about my mindset? #1. You could be sabotaging your own success. Much of your mindset is subconscious – in fact only 5% of your behaviour is driven by your conscious mind.  Those old patterns of thoughts, beliefs, those habitual […]

What is mindset?

You’ve heard the word on your favourite podcasts, it’s a hot topic and a buzzword – I should know it’s in the title of my Bio! But what does it mean and why should you care? Put simply your mindset is the collection of thoughts and beliefs you have – sounds innocuous enough. The power […]

The Three T’s of Life Transformation

I completed my degree with a double major in Psychology and Education – the Education portion solely focused on human development. But, I was struck while I completed my degree that these two social sciences while complementary, were taught from such different points of reference. Psychology was solely based on the individual and focused on […]

Sportlife Hack #22

Climbing Roys Peak

Ever had a group of runners together on a rainy day? no doubt someone will pipe up with ‘At least it’s not too hot!!’ I have been known in a race to be somewhat overhappy and exclaim how great the ‘nature’s staircase’ was on a particularly steep and rooty climb…my fellow runners weren’t quite sharing […]

Celebrating wins

Running on rocky diamond mountain

Revel… That’s the new word that I’ve added to my to-do list!  If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I love words. Intentional, audacious…I love the way words make me feel, a good word also seems to feel good to say and I think when a word resonates it has power.  So […]

Compassion on the Trails

Fiordland Traverse

So compassion might be a weird topic to write about as an athlete…but you know me, always talking about the ‘feeling things’ and the lessons learnt on the trail. So it was somewhere along the Goerge Sound Route, deep In Fiordland, February 2022, when he had an epiphany – and by association so did I. […]

Planning to quit.

In my head, it went something like this….Like something out of transformers the truck rose up like the worst Decepticon, ‘there’s only room for one of us on this road, Tanya, and I’m a hell of a lot bigger than you are!’ (cue, maniacal laugh). So I made a plan to quit, and with that […]

45th Traverse Tales: 1st Instalment

Caswell Sound Ridge Heli Drop Point

As the heli flew towards the coast it was clear we weren’t going to have the bluebird day of our last recce. Dark clouds hung low in the sky ahead of us, and as we drew closer my heart beat faster. It’s amazing how other people’s perceptions can colour your own.  On the traverse recce, […]

Sportlike Hack #244: Get a theme song or mantra

Krayzie Kapers 100 Mile

‘I believe I can fly…whooo…I believe I can touch the sky…’ R.Kelly This was a running ‘theme song’ of mine for many years.  I can recall many a moment, pushing through the hard times and singing this one to myself with tears in my eyes as I overcame difficult times to complete a run or […]

My word of the year – Intentional

Rappelling Breast Hill

My word of the new year is INTENTIONAL. What does that mean?  Well, for me this means to actively create a life I truly love. To serve others, to nourish my own spirit, to add value to the world and to be present in my daily life checking in to see if what I’m doing […]

Personal Development – How-to Guide

Woman running in the mountains

Personal development, self-improvement – once seen as something only for those with problems, now an acknowledged pathway to success. I mean how can you live your best life without direction? I have always been intrigued by personal development literature.  I am highly driven to understand people and why we do what we do.  It was […]

Living my dreams

Woman Mountaineering

Living my life by design, my reality today is the dreams I had in the past. I decided I was going to climb mountains and be a mountaineer.  Like so many things I have decided on in my life, at the time I had no idea how I was going to do it.  But, I […]

You can create your future

Is there a story that you are holding onto that is stopping you from moving forward? A label someone else put on you? A label you put on yourself? In my past, I was so many things, things that could have defined my life and held me back. I was a high school dropout – […]

Small Steps

Naseby 100 Mile Race

100 miles, 160km – sounds like a long way, and it is. Here’s the secret though, it is achieved through a bunch of small steps, one after the other.  In and of themselves those steps aren’t much, but add them all together and you have a feat of human endurance.  The same goes for whatever […]

Quickfire Goal Setting Tips

Hiking in the Hawea Conservation Area

My goals are to climb a bunch of epic mountains, run some massive ultra runs, adventure far and wide, and make a difference in the world as I do it!  These goals drive me daily and I care more about them more than literally anything else.  Except for maybe puppies. Here are my top tips […]

Just don’t compare

Here’s one for my comparers. You know who you are.  You’ve probably worked yourself into a right state at some time or another because you just didn’t seem to be at the level of your friends, colleagues, team members 😏 We’ve all been there. Most likely when we are huffing and puffing, fearing that at […]

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