Who are you?

Send me a DM if you’d like to answer this one or drop a comment below.

I’m curious, what is your purpose? What do you value? How are you living your dreams?

Do you know?

It’s ok if you don’t.

In the general busy-ness of life, being Mum’s (to our babies of the two and four legged variety), Wives, Partners, Career Women climbing the ladder, aspiring ultra-runners and adventures, Creators, Artists.


In all of that, it’s not a surprise if we haven’t really stopped to take a breath and figure out who we are at our core.

To be honest, sometimes, it just feels plain uncomfortable, especially if we know deep down we aren’t living how we would like to.

What would you do if you could do anything?

What are you absolutely the best at? And not at the surface level at your core?

I’m best at doing adventures that stretch me – because at my core my purpose is to find out what is possible – and that’s my superpower that I’m sharing with the world, that’s my purpose that drives me.

It’s okay if these questions are hard to answer at first, or maybe you know and you’re just not doing the thing.

I can guarantee though if you answer these questions and start living in alignment, then you will be lit up and energised in going for your goals.

 That’s not to say you’ll never be tired, that it won’t hurt and be uncomfortable.

As I sit here and type I’m in the final few weeks before a race and I decided I wanted to leave no cards on the table, I was all f*cking in. So right now I have aching muscles and I’m tired – but I am fired up – because I am going to see what is possible in a few weeks when I toe the start line.

I’m showing up embracing the aching muscles, weary legs, and tiredness knowing that I am so damn aligned.

*Steps off her soapbox* 

So who are you? What’s your purpose and values? I’d love to know and chat DM me if you like because this is what I’m here for!

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