Sportlife Hack #22

Ever had a group of runners together on a rainy day? no doubt someone will pipe up with

‘At least it’s not too hot!!’

I have been known in a race to be somewhat overhappy and exclaim how great the ‘nature’s staircase’ was on a particularly steep and rooty climb…my fellow runners weren’t quite sharing my stoke though…but that’s the difference right?! 

How can you change the situation in your brain to make it better?

My sister forever reminds me that she was on a run with me once and we were heading uphill..she may have been suffering a little but I piped up with rainbows, unicorns and f@#king sunshine…how good is climbing because once we get to the top we get to run down YAYYYY!!!

That’s not to say I don’t have my dark moments and lose my shit on occasions – I’m only human.

BUT, watch any successful runner, adventure, or ultra-athlete and you’ll see that have the ability to turn things around, the mindset is strong, it errs on the side of mastery and strength and being in control.

It’s a practice, but it’s worth it, cause generally, we know are choosing to be out there, so we might as well make the most of it.

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