Wanaka Skyline Circumnav

An exciting first attempt to circumnavigate Lake Wanaka via the most prominent peaks. A journey of over 200km, over 15,000m of climbing. An unknown. A possibility.

What is possible?  That is always the question that Tanya wants to answer when she sets out to take on a challenge that no one else has attempted – sure people have talked about it, dreamed about it…but actually taking the action to make the dream a reality…

It has been anumber of years in the planning, and kicks of Feb 2024.

That is something different, that is where Tanya’s purpose lies in creating her own reality and showing what is possible.

The circumnavigation is a celebration of independence and community, healing and growth, and the amazing things that happen when you step outside your comfort zone.

The Circumnavigation

  • Starts and finishes at the iconic Wanaka Tree
  • 2/3 of the route in off-track mountain traversing
  • There are 17 named peaks and numerous unnamed
  • The circumnavigation crosses multiple mountain ranges, rivers and streams. Through both private and pubic land

The expedition

  • Over 230km from West to East 
  • February 2024 depart from the Wanaka Tree 6am
  • Run, hike and scramble back to the Wanaka Tree
  • Valley and mountain gear drops
  • Welcoming people to join at Mt Iron for the run back to the tree

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