Mistakes runners make…Compare and Despair

We have all been here, compared ourselves to other runners and felt like total crap!

Compare and despair is the pits.

So why do we do it?

As social creatures, we are always comparing ourselves to others.  

There is the good side where we find our tribe and community and have a sense of belonging.

But, release the comparison monster in relation to ability, and things turn very bad, very quickly!

Drop a comment below if you feel me on this one!!

This mistake will rob you of your joy and pleasure in running, it might stop you from running with other people, it might even in extreme cases stop you from running altogether.

So how do you get over compare and despair?

I find runners are masters of ‘beating themselves up!’ Generally high achievers with big goals, runners often put a lot of pressure on themselves to perform.

But, comparison is pointless.  

You are at a different point in your running journey to everyone else, running is also affected by sleep, nutrition, hormones, to try and compare, really is complete madness.

But, you know that, so here’s my suggestion when the comparison monster rears its ugly head – tell it to piss off (no don’t) – seriously – you beat yourself up enough so instead of that:

  • Consider your own strengths and celebrate where you are at
  • Have some gentle conversation with yourself
  • When running with others have a plan for different speeds, have the conversation before you start so you can relax knowing it has been addressed
  • Develop thoughts and beliefs that strengthen your confidence and have tools so that compare and despair becomes a thing of the past.

Drop a comment below if you’re done with compare and despair!

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