How to have what you want in life!

What if you could be the person you want to be?

Take the action you want to take?

Have the things you want to have?

Over the coming weeks, I’m going to break down these concepts because they are at the very heart of what I do.

I strongly believe in this concept and these are the pillars on which the work I do is founded.

These have been pivotal to my success and the success of my clients – and let’s be fair I didn’t invent this concept, it has been used by successful people all over the world!

I have just taken it and applied it to my zone of genius – growth and inspiration through movement.

So what’s the deal?

It’s pretty basic but profound.

To have the things we want to have we first have to be the person who would have those things.

Many of us think our success is out there.

We plan our future best self based on our current self – but that is incredibly limited.

Our future best self by its very nature – if we are seeking growth – is going to be profoundly different than our current self.

Instead, we need to base our current self on the future best self we want to be – and model Her. What would She think, feel and do?  What does she believe?

Your present self is limited by your current thoughts and beliefs – your future best self that you desire to be holds a completely different set of thoughts and beliefs because she operates differently in the world…So you need to be her now.  Realistically, it will only be a close approximation of her, because she will have thoughts and feelings that right now you don’t even know are possible for you (exciting!!), but start with what you already know she would think and believe and grow from there.

From that place of being, then you DO.

Intentional action, aligned action. Giving up the busy work, the noise, the sh*t that you fill your day with that drags you back and keeps you stuck with the current self that you are ready to grow from.

The joy of this model? That if you be and do long enough, you’ll have the outcome you want – and spoiler alert – you’ll most likely love the journey!

Practically, this approach is about knowing what you want to have, then embodying the future best self that has the thing!

Radical, simple, f*cking empowering!

What do you want to have and who do you need to be? What action do you need to take?

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