5 Reasons you should care about your mindset

Tanya, I’m doing OK, why should I care about my mindset?

#1. You could be sabotaging your own success. Much of your mindset is subconscious – in fact only 5% of your behaviour is driven by your conscious mind.  Those old patterns of thoughts, beliefs, those habitual ways of doing things are much more powerful directing 95% of your behaviour.  If you don’t really know what your subconscious is up to and you’re mostly operating on autopilot in your thinking, you are likely sabotaging your own success.

#2. You could be waging an unnecessary war in your brain.  Constantly fighting your own thoughts or beating yourself up?  This is common for people who don’t understand how the brain works and don’t have the right tools to change their mindset.  With the right tools, the noise subsides and you can get your brain working in harmony.

#3. You could be wasting precious energy.  Your brain uses a ton of energy to process information.  If you have a brain running rampant you are likely much more exhausted than you need to be. Struggling to get out of bed and get going? Your mindset plays a part in this.

#4. You could be messing up your relationships and blaming other people for stuff they haven’t done. Oh damnnnnn!!  This is a biggie.  Those thoughts and beliefs you’re running about your partner’s behaviour, your friends and colleagues’ actions, they could all be lies your brain is telling you due to faulty beliefs.

#5. You could be harming your performance. Work, sport, hobbies.  Everything you do you have thoughts about in regard to your worth, ability, success and ultimately your enjoyment. Your mindset is crucial to your performance and ultimately will be responsible for your success or failure.

Drop the number in the comments that is most bothering you 1-5

Next up, I’ll answer the question that’s now on your mind….Tanya, can I change my mindset?

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