Doing from a place of abundance

I read the post of a well-known sportsperson recently telling me to do more hard things and I felt exhausted at the end!

I don’t want to do more, push harder, grind.

My God! Why are we doing this to ourselves?

What is wrong with wanting joy, connection, peace and adventure?

In a world obsessed with doing it the hard way, being gritty, resilient and mentally tough – it can feel like we are failing if we are actually just too exhausted to keep grinding!

But what’s the alternative?

The alternative is not inaction, but rather it is intentional action.

We have to do to achieve our goals – there’s no way around it.

‘The Secret’ tried to BS us all into thinking all we needed to do was dream hard enough and we would manifest our dreams – but that was a lie.

We need to take action.

BUT, that action doesn’t have to be a grind.

We can choose to have it come from a place of exploration, play, and curiosity  AND have results.

I believe this change in focus allows flowing action rather than forced action – and that’s what I’m here for!

Are you here for the gritty hard way? Or the curious, playful way?  

…There is no right or wrong by the way – you do you!  And if gritty works for you – more power to you, it’s just not my vibe!

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