What if you could change your life overnight? Seriously, overnight? With just a change in thinking.

While it might sound far-fetched it’s true…so stay with me to find out how.

But first, the two components:

  • Beliefs. 

Your beliefs about yourself, others and the world are a lens through which you filter EVERYTHING, seriously, everything!  

Why do you think you argued so vehemently for your side of the vaccination argument, or why do you judge others for their behaviour…and they judge you!

Who’s right, and who’s wrong?

I would argue no-one, you just have differing beliefs and those beliefs dictate your actions and behaviours.

Sometimes they are favourable and produce the results you want, sometimes, quite frankly your beliefs are a bit rubbish and they take you further from your goals.

  • Thoughts.

Research suggests we have around 6000 thoughts per day, that’s a lot of thoughts.

Now imagine if those thoughts were largely negative – I understand for you that might not be so hard to imagine, that might be how you’re living.

What if the majority of those thoughts made you feel like crap?

So, if your beliefs are a bit shit and your thoughts make you feel like crap, it stands to reason that perhaps you might be struggling to achieve your goals.

Now, I mentioned you could change them…overnight!  And, you can.

The beauty of thoughts and beliefs is that they can be changed, quickly and easily with just a few tools, and by making those changes you can change your life overnight and the goals that might have seemed far off, all of a sudden become a very real reality…such is the power of mindset!

I love this stuff, it has been proven to work over and over and I’d love to share it with you.

Comment below with one belief you’d like to change

Catch you next time, when I discuss mindset and sports performance, you don’t want to miss the tips for being a happy, strong and successful runner…


If your beliefs and thoughts are messing with your life and you’ve had enough, flick me a DM to find out more about my 12-Week Goal Kickstarter Program – to kick the shitty beliefs and thoughts and achieve your goals.

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