45th Parallel traverse

An exciting first attempt to traverse the South Island from coast to coast, following the circle of latitude that is 45° south of the Earth’s equator. From the rugged, untouched west…to the penguin colonies of the east…and everything in between. One Woman’s extraordinary journey of over 500km.

The 45th Parallel Traverse is a personal challenge, the next chapter in the story of an inspiring life. As an advocate for women’s empowerment, with this journey, Tanya will demonstrate what happens when you choose bravery over fear while choosing a path less travelled. A self-professed scaredy-cat Tanya is showing women everywhere that there is a space where fear and success can co-exist, and that extraordinary strength can come from choosing audacity over timidity. 

The 45th Parallel

  • The southern 45th parallel is the circle of latitude that is 45° south of the Earth’s equator
  • Almost all (97%) of it passes through the open ocean
  • In New Zealand, the 45th parallel runs from the remote and wild Caswell Sound in Fiordland to the sandy beaches of Oamaru.
  • The 45th crosses multiple mountain ranges, lakes and hundreds of kilometers of historic cycleway all surrounded by the most breathtaking Southern sight
   Map of 45th Traverse

The expedition

  • Over 600km from West to East traversing areas through which very few have passed.
  • February 2022 depart Caswell Sound Fiordland. Climb, hike and scramble untouched wilderness to Lake Te Anau
  • Paddle Across Lake Te Anau, the largest of the southern glacial lakes
  • Pick up the track to head overland following ridgelines, rivers and the lakeshore to arrive at Lake Wakatipu.
  • Paddle Wakatipu to Wye Creek.
  • Drop the heavy packs and run through the mountains to Cromwell.
  • Cycle following the Lake Dunstan track through to Oamaru.
  • Run through the Kakanui mountains.
  • Finish by passing through the historic streets of Oamaru to arrive at the penguin colonies of the east.

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