Taking ‘Life Aligned’ Action

Are the things you are doing, or want to do aligned with your life right now?

So you want to run 100 miles, and you’ve just started a new job, you have a new baby, and your parents are sick, and you are looking after them.

I know you’re bloody fantastic, and you could maybe do it, but is it what you need in your life right now? If it is something you are going to pursue – all power to you – These four questions can help you figure out how can you ensure that it works?

Maybe you think you want to run 100 miles because you feel like you have no time for yourself, you are committed to everyone else and damn it, you want something for yourself, to feel proud of, that’s just for you.

Sometimes we really want to do a thing, but also it might not be super aligned with our life right now, or there is another thing we can ‘do’ that will give us the same outcome, or we take stock and make sure we are supported in life to take the actions we need to take.

So how do you ensure it aligns with your life?

  • Dive into the why
  • Be aware of the impact of what’s going on around you will have on your goals, and vice versa.
  • Maybe there are some things you can do in your life to make it work? Maybe you can get some extra help?

I want you to set yourself up for success, so it’s good to take a moment to figure it out, so that you can be fired up, energised and enjoy the process.

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