Time to hop off the hamster wheel?


Let’s break this sh*t down – what is Be(ing) all about?

There are two components to being that I want to discuss.

  1. Being – in the nature that is being your best future self now

Holding the thoughts, beliefs and intentions that your best future self would have after she has achieved her goals – NOW.

2. Being – in the space that you allow in your life to ‘Be’

There is a balance here that is important to highlight.  Being also encompasses that feminine energy, something those of us who are quite driven sometimes forget to embrace in our rush to move onto the next step of doing, in the quest to have.

So as you stop and breathe, take a moment to think about what it is you want to have.

And think for a minute on that future best-self what she thinks, feels and does – then take a moment to consider how you can start living like her and how that would change your life

While you are breathing, think about Her, ask yourself how you can be more fully present in this moment and how that might actually help you achieve your goals and feel more peace and joy in the doing.

The hamster wheel can feel like you’re making progress, but in reality it’s a farce.

Being is a way to jump off, walk away and never look back, because you finally get to be the person you want to be, now, oh and can finally start breathing again…and achieve your goals! What? Yes, lady.

For real.

Tell me one trait of your future best self you can embody now to be Her?

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