Take Action Today For Your Future Self

Your future self will thank you for the action you take today! So think of her when your present self is dragging her feet!

This is one wee mindset trick I use to help me take actions today that I might not feel like taking! 

As with all the things I suggest it comes from a place of lightness and play though.

This is not a chance to beat up your present self – put the gloves away – give her wee ‘get outta here’ kind of nudge, while acknowledging that no you don’t want to do the thing – BUT – you want the future outcome, so you’re going to do it!

Then figure out how to make it joyous – throw some 90’s tunes on, sing along as you do the food prep or fold the washing.

I think about how my future self will feel if I do or don’t do the thing, and generally, my future self will thank me.

Remember your present self, is just a moment in time, she also creates your future self, so give her a hug, a high five, tell her she’s got this and get on with doing the thing and making it something to enjoy!

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