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Are you ready to finally achieve your goals On and OFF the trails?

Ready to clarify your best path forward while learning how to think clearly and reduce the noise in your head?

Its time to move forward with confidence and go out live your best life.

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Dear reader.

You’ve been looking for a way to move forward. You know something needs to change, but you haven’t been able to get there by yourself.

But, you know you are capable of so much more!

Our coaching programmes are designed to help you achieve your goals, find direction and clarity, and live your best life both on and off the trails.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Overcome feeling stuck in a rut and gain control of your life
  • Break free from negative thoughts and the doom spiral
  • Find guidance and direction when feeling lost and confused
  • Say goodbye to feeling bad and sad and hello to a happier life
  • Stop beating yourself up and feeling guilty


Book a call today and start your journey towards achieving your goals, gaining confidence, and experiencing peace, joy, and hope in your life.

Hi, Im Tanya

I love understanding your mind and figuring out the thoughts and beliefs that drive your actions, ultimately taking you either towards your goals or further away.

I call it mindset work. It’s all about understanding how your brain works, why you do what you do, and allowing you to retrain your brain to get you where you want to go.

I guide you to understand how your brain works and make the absolute most of this so that you can live the life you really want.

The most important part of this work is giving you the tools so that you can continue to learn and grow and achieve your goals over and over again.

I do this through science-based teaching that allows you to understand your brain and targeted processes that get into your subconscious and rewire your brain, ultimately allowing you to make change and take actionable steps to achieve your goals.

Scroll down to find out how you can work and learn with me.

Run Your Way Coaching programs:

Here you’ll find the programs offered by Tanya and Run Your Way Coaching

Run the trails

Many say the learning, tools and coaching in this program was the missing link.

Learn how to achieve your goals On and OFF the trail with transformative one-on-one coaching.

This program gives you everything you need to succeed and reach your running goals and beyond.

This 12 week course runs throughout the year.

run your life

This is truly what you’ve been looking for if you want to get YOUR LIFE on track.

Learn how to achieve your goals, find your purpose, and live your best life with transformative one-on-one coaching.

This program gives you everything you need to succeed and reach your goals and beyond.

This 12 week course runs throughout the year.

Run your race

A comprehensive 12 week online and group coaching course to get you to your goal event.

if you’re interested to learn how to master everthing from your mindset, to nutrtion and running form and achieve your goal event, this program ticks all the boxes.

Much more than just a ‘training progam’. This is the full system of body and mind training.

Join the group at any time – the online training platform is ready when you are!

mindset mastery for coaches

There is a lot of misinformation out there!
Ensure you are giving your clients the right advice about mindset and see their results improve.

A better outcome for you as a coach and a better outcome for your clients.

Standout from the others and learn everything you need to know with science backed teaching and tools.

This 12 week one-on-one coaching is perfect for you if you’re ready to take your coaching to the next level.

Mountain running


The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Happy, Strong and Successful Runner


“I began working with Tanya as a nervous new runner with an epic goal of running a 50 Km race. I thought I would learn about running basics and get detailed work out plans. But I got SO much more! Just about anyone can learn and teach basics of the physiology of running. What so few people have mastered is the mental game! Why do so many of us give up on something we love or used to love? Why do we struggle with self doubt or shame? Tanya is absolutely masterful in her teaching and guidance through the mental game of training for a grueling challenge. She is compassionately methodical, consistent and demanding. I knew she always had my best interests at heart yet she pushed me in so many ways! The methods of her program steadily build on one another until magic starts happening.I went from being a new and anxious runner to becoming a determined and capable runner. The feeling of completing that 50 km at my reach time goal is indescribable. I know now that with the right training and time- I can do anything! But not only that- other areas of my life are being molded and shaped by these strategies Tanya has taught me: financial, business, relationships with my husband and children and on and on. I’m so excited for the future to see what else I accomplish!” – Tracy


“Tanya is a very effective coach with a fantastic mix of professionalism and personability. I worked with Tanya for 8 weeks of a comprehensive program that brought awareness of my thoughts and actions and then used specific tools and techniques to reshape and direct those thoughts and actions towards my specific goals. Tanya also included sub-conscious training techniques that were fascinating and profound.

I loved every session with Tanya. She is a very inspirational and thoroughly genuine person. I really appreciated how she shared parts of her own life and examples of what we were learning. It is so helpful to see how she is using the tools herself to optimise her life, and set and reach some quite amazing goals.

I would highly recommend working with Tanya. You will be given tools that work. You just need to come with an open mind and ready to put into practice what is taught.

One of my biggest take aways was the concept of 1%. Committing to consistency over the coaching period and beyond is key. A 1% gain every day adds up to dramatic change. I saw some quite profound changes both conscious and sub-conscious over the 8 weeks. I look forward to continuing to use what I have been given!” – Jordy

“UTA 23 was my third attempt at getting to the start line for the 50 km ultra. Twice before I couldn’t line up due to injury.
I went into training with some incredibly self limiting beliefs that were having an impact my running enjoyment and the desire to run was depleting. The last couple of years of life had been taxing on my emotions with many family challenges & it was all becoming too much.
Twelve weeks into a sixteen week training cycle and I was ready to throw in the towel. I felt defeated, run down, overwhelmed, exhausted and depressed. My body had let me down previously which gave me an underlying sense of inferiority & self loathing.
After a tearful conversation with a friend, I knew something had to change. I either had to quit training & stay in the same headspace or I actually do something about it.
I reached out to a Tanya and after our first call I knew this was the right move for me.
It was a joy to connect with Tanya on a weekly basis and I enjoyed learning and applying the knowledge she gave me.
Tanya encouraged me to be curious and playful in my journey along with giving me tools to help manage my mind.
UTA was a wonderful way to celebrate 12 weeks of consistency and dedication to training. I’m honestly so proud of how I executed the run and it all came down to planning and burger rings 😂
If you need some help because you feel stuck or overwhelmed then Tanya is your girl! She’s incredibly supportive, intuitive and nonjudgmental. It was the best decision to move me forward!” – Peta

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Why this is different to other coaching?

I completed my degree with a double major in Psychology and Education – the Education portion solely focused on human development.

But, I was struck while I completed my degree that these two social sciences while complementary, were taught from such different points of reference.

Psychology was solely based on the individual and focused on changing the individual whether by therapy or pharmaceuticals. While education saw people in their context, with theories that explained the wider effect of relationships, families and cultures on an individual.

In my final year when I designed my research project, I stepped outside the box further and proposed a study looking at the influence of nutrition and sleep on depression. At the time there was very little research in this area, but to me, it seemed a no-brainer!

I completed my degree 15 years ago now, so I would hope that things have changed and there is a more holistic approach.

But it still seems that so many of the solutions we are offered through counsellors, psychologists, and the latest app to help you relax – only give you one piece of the puzzle.

It’s like my psychology degree that forgot to acknowledge that people exist within a wider system and failed to recognise that to produce lasting change requires a systematic approach.

So when I speak of coaching I like to propose the ‘Three T’s’:

🧩 Tools – These are the things that help you create change every day in your life, changing everything from the way you think to the way you exist in the world.   

🧩 Therapy – This is not the old school, let’s talk about your problems kind of therapy. Nope, this is solution-focused therapy to rewire your brain.

🧩 Teaching – Giving you the why behind your behaviour you so can understand how and why the therapies and tools work.

I have spent many years trialing different tools and learning different modalities, and, with this system, it is my hope that you can take these tools, teaching, and therapy, and feel armed and ready to take on the world.

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