The Three T’s of Life Transformation

I completed my degree with a double major in Psychology and Education – the Education portion solely focused on human development.

But, I was struck while I completed my degree that these two social sciences while complementary, were taught from such different points of reference.

Psychology was solely based on the individual and focused on changing the individual whether by therapy or pharmaceuticals. While education saw people in their context, with theories that explained the wider effect of relationships, families and cultures on an individual.

In my final year when I designed my research project, I stepped outside the box further and proposed a study looking at the influence of nutrition and sleep on depression. At the time there was very little research in this area, but to me, it seemed a no-brainer!

I completed my degree 15 years ago now, so I would hope that things have changed and there is a more holistic approach.

But it still seems that so many of the solutions we are offered through counsellors, psychologists, and the latest app to help you relax – only give you one piece of the puzzle.

It’s like my psychology degree that forgot to acknowledge that people exist within a wider system and failed to recognise that to produce lasting change requires a systematic approach.

So when I speak of a Life Transformation System I offer through my coaching I like to propose the ‘Three T’s’:

🧩 Tools – These are the things that help you create change every day in your life, these change the way you interact with your environment, and ultimately help you design an environment that sets you up for success.

🧩 Therapy – This is not the old school, let’s talk about your problems kind of therapy. Nope, this is solution-focused therapy to rewire your brain.

🧩 Teaching – Giving you the why behind your behaviour you so can understand how and why the therapies and tools work.

I have spent many years trialling different tools and learning different modalities, and, with this system, it is my hope that you can take these tools, teaching, and therapy, and feel armed and ready to take on the world.

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