Yes, you can change your mindset (thoughts and beliefs) and in doing so achieve your goals. 

Here’s the simple three-step process:

#1. Awareness.  You have to know what your mindset is first before you can change it.  What stories are running in your head, what beliefs are lurking below the surface, what thoughts are playing on repeat in your head all day long and how are you talking to yourself?

#2. Ditch the faulty thinking! There are a number of ways to do this but ultimately you want to reprogram your brain and get rid of the old ways of thinking that are holding you back.

#3. Set up new beliefs and ways of thinking that serve you and help you achieve your goals.  Who would you be if there was nothing holding you back?  What kind of person would you be if you could be anything at all?  Good, armed with that knowledge go out and make it happen!  Yes, it really can be that simple.

Having a mindset that supports your goals really is the key to your success both on the trails and in life.

Tell me in the comments What kind of person you would be if you could be anything at all?

Next up, I’ll talk about how to BREAKTHROUGH mindset barriers to achieving your goals!

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