How’s your Being going?!

How are you at Being? Sometimes I’m great…sometimes I suck. That’s the nature of growth though right?!

So – Being.

Sounds simple and it is. BUT.

When we are so focused on the other two components – doing and having, sometimes this vital component falls by the wayside.

It falls by the wayside in a few ways.

Sometimes we forget to BE the person we ‘want’ to be (your future self now, if you will) and we fall into being a person we think we ‘should’ be.

That can be problematic in that our actions and behaviour lose authenticity…and their joy.

Sometimes we don’t really know who we want to be! We are operating on a lifetime’s programming (often given to us by others!), and we never stopped to examine it or see if it was aligned with who you are – heck, in this space – it’s hard to align because you just don’t know.

This is problematic in that life can feel like a grind, an endless to-do list with no end.

Finally, and here’s a kicker (an area of growth for me right now anyway – maybe you too!). You know who you want to be, it’s just kinda far outside who you’ve been so old beliefs can rear up and try and shut you down…that little voice saying ‘You’re not good enough’.

This feels shitty – but if you are aware of the voice, you can gently thank it for its input, get curious and go bust those beliefs.

These barriers come up at different stages, and we can cycle through them on the spiral of growth – where would you say you are right now in the spiral?

DM me and let me know or drop a comment below.

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