How’s your reality working for you?

I’m really interested in how we create our realities, it is fundamental to what I do with my clients and the way I live my life – because my life is my work – and my work is my life.

This is central to our being – the way we create our reality.

Because we create our reality through our thoughts and beliefs, the way we construct our worlds is completely up to us, and that is something I find incredibly exciting.

It’s always a light bulb moment for my clients, and the first step in their transformation.

It’s funny because, on a conscious level, it’s something every client knows – but there is a difference between knowing this and living it.

I’m here to help you bridge the gap, with simple tools and processes that allow you to fully Be, and start creating your reality.

I’m going to be straight-up honest and say it’s not a linear process, that once you learn it everything is peachy – it’s a lightbulb moment – it’s a chance to completely change your world, but it does require a conscious effort.

And it’s not, I feel I need to repeat it!  It’s not about positive thinking. That’s probably part of the toxic sh*t that got you here feeling bad about yourself and wondering why you can’t crack the code and fully step into living the life of your dreams.

This is a deep soul transformation, a commitment to being in a way that’s different from the way you’ve been all your life.

So what’s involved in creating reality and being like this? It’s doing the work on emotions, thoughts and beliefs.  It’s being straight up with yourself and calling bullsh*t on your brain. 

This takes an act of being fully in integrity with yourself.

It’s brave work, it’s messy work and demands that you be honest, take accountability and move from a place of alignment, which isn’t always comfortable.

It’s diving deep into the core of your being, taking full responsibility for where you are, and where you want to go.

It is in my opinion the very definition of being empowered.

If you were to accept fully and completely that you create your reality – how would that change your life? Drop a comment or send me a DM – this is the stuff that I thrive on, this is how we become our best selves (and change the world in the process).

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