Planning to quit.

In my head, it went something like this….Like something out of transformers the truck rose up like the worst Decepticon, ‘there’s only room for one of us on this road, Tanya, and I’m a hell of a lot bigger than you are!’ (cue, maniacal laugh). So I made a plan to quit, and with that […]

Take a load off your willpower

Single cone mountaineering summit

Your willpower is finite. Set yourself up for success by using it wisely. No greater have I noticed this truth than when mountaineering.  Pushing so far beyond my comfort zone, that I simply don’t have anything left to push further.   This happened when we climbed Single Cone over winter.  I pushed through the crux, tackling […]

Personal Development – How-to Guide

Woman running in the mountains

Personal development, self-improvement – once seen as something only for those with problems, now an acknowledged pathway to success. I mean how can you live your best life without direction? I have always been intrigued by personal development literature.  I am highly driven to understand people and why we do what we do.  It was […]

Ask a different question

Tanya Bottomley Ultra Runner

Sometimes, I just need to look at situations a little differently, particularly when I’m in a rut, frustrated or annoyed. Sometimes I just need to give myself a little pep-talk and ask myself a question to help get a different perspective! Reframing is a process where you can change the way you look at something, […]