The Three T’s of Life Transformation

I completed my degree with a double major in Psychology and Education – the Education portion solely focused on human development. But, I was struck while I completed my degree that these two social sciences while complementary, were taught from such different points of reference. Psychology was solely based on the individual and focused on […]

The 45th Parallel Traverse

Fastpacking with Rope

So it seems to me that my biggest adventures come out of adversity.  It is also true that I love to take on big, audacious goals that make my heart race and my palms sweat! My Latest challenge is no exception. From the ashes of my 200-mile dream came another dream, an altogether different one.  […]

The Challenge

What? I’m taking on the epic mission to be the first woman to complete the Thir Southern Seasons 100 Miler Challenge. – Four 100 mile trail running races in 12 months  – Minimum of 24 hours running in each race – An extreme test of human endurance and spirit Why?   As I take on this […]

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