Just say no to quitting.

Options. They are everywhere and they are many. They are a blessing and can feel like a curse!

There is one particularly insidious one that can be make or break for us when things get hard on a massive challenge and just in everyday life. I am going to advocate here to take this option off the list.**

An 8km climb covering 800 meters of vert!

So here goes…A little mindset shifting technique… Just say no to quitting when things get hard. Often-times quitting will seem like the ‘easier’ option in that moment. But whoever really achieved any greatness without struggle? And each time you overcome something hard you know you’re stronger for next time…Winning!!

What does this mindset shift look like in practice? For me when I’m running an ultra-marathon, quitting is not an option (unless it’s medically required!) so it’s not an idea I entertain. Instead, with a thought of doing whatever it takes to finish, my focus is solely on what I need to do in any given moment to keep moving forward. If my energy starts to lag, I go through my options – food, hydration, adjust pace, etc. If something starts to hurt, I address it – stretch, change stride, pain killers…..hugs – of course hugs, etc.

If I feel like I can’t go on, I focus on just taking the next step, then the next and the next. If that means talking to myself to just get to the next tree, or corner, and then the next, and so on, then that might be where my head needs to be for the seconds, minutes, or hours it takes to get through that low. Sometimes you just can’t do anything about pain or tiredness and in those cases you just have to accept that will be part of the journey and just keep moving forward until you are done.

Stay up all night to do a sleep deprivation run, only to start the run in the rain and the cold!!

Ok, I don’t think I made that sound very fun huh? To be honest, sometimes it’s not – hard is hard right? But there is beauty in struggle and you can find joy in the hard stuff. We can embrace difficulty, and relentless forward motion knowing that there is power in overcoming, and knowing that on the other side of difficulty lies our untapped potential.

So I challenge you to take quitting off the list, and move toward a problem solving approach where you can achieve any goal you set your mind too. I’d love to hear other peoples thoughts on this, have you taken quitting off the list, or would you like to?

***Disclaimer: In situations that can have a positive impact on your life!

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