Peak of Possibility – The long story

Tanya trail running in Cromwell

On December 12-13 2020 I will take on the challenge to summit Roys Peak as many times as possible in 24hrs. 15.5Km and 1250m Vert for each summit. A Tribute to: What is possible? Its been a tumultuous few years as I’ve worked through my ‘recovery’ from domestic abuse. Like going head to head with […]

Facing life’s challenges

Tanya running the mountains in training for an Ultra Marathon

Sitting through uncertainty is the hardest thing, and this week I found myself wishing life was as simple as running.  When I’m running, I know that all I have to do is just keep taking the next step.  Whatever challenges, highs or lows come my way I know that they will pass and that I […]

At the edge of your comfort zone

At the very edge of your comfort zone, you find out what you are made of… …are you a quitter? Or do you keep going? …are you going to give in to helplessness? Or, pick yourself up and figure out your next move? When all the niceties that comfort afford you have stripped away…who do […]

And so a plan was hatched

I wiped the tears, picked myself back up and we set off to devise a plan for our own 100 mile adventure.  I came here to run 100 miles, my crew were here, my friends who were running Northburn were keen as mustard (standard trail runner mentality to ad-hoc join me in running 100 miles).  […]

And then the challenge ended

Full disclosure here. If you don’t have the luxury of COVID-19 lockdown to read this somewhat ‘whole-hearted’ blog post, then I won’t blame you for skipping to the last couple of paragraphs where I sum things up. For everyone else, I’ll shout you a beer for bearing with me on this one…(T’s&C’s apply hehe) In […]

Pre-Race Crazies? Not me….OK maybe me!

I’ll admit, I’ve feel like I’ve been cruising along a little bit for the last almost four months.  Riding high on the success of three milers well run, feeling strong, capable and A-OK! Then this week happened.  Heart racing whenever I thought about the race, I thought I was handling it ok..until yesterday. Tears fit […]

What have I learnt from Run Like Tanya?

Well, I had another lesson on the weekend and it went something like this… Planning my long run with speedy friends who were planning a shorter run where I would tack on some k’s later in the run: It’s funny how old beliefs die-hard and those negative feelings can so easily creep back in. They’re […]

Going off the beaten track

If you’ve not been following me on social media, I’ve been lucky enough to have some time away on a ‘runcation’ with some of my closest friends…..who also happen to be fellow crazie runners! This last week of runcation saw me heading off the beaten track, quite literally, as we took on adventures that saw […]

The Hard Days

As soon as I started the run I knew it was going to be hard. If you’re a runner you have likely had one of these days. When it seems to take all your energy just to put one foot in front of the other, and it feels like you’re going to fight your body […]

Im still here…So I’m going to do more.

As I run into 2020 with big dreams for the year and with hope for the next decade, I am very aware that I also need to say more and do more, because I am lucky enough to still be here. In the last couple of weeks we lost two women, taken by the very […]

Choosing my Pain

It’s fair to say I had a rocky start to the week. On Monday morning I had to run into my Physio’s office after getting a flat tyre on my bike on the way into my appointment. I was already running late because a headwind had taken a precious 10 minutes out of my carefully […]

Krayzie Kapers – Race Report

…And so it continued lap after lap, loop after loop. I couldn’t believe how strong I felt and how well I was running. The day was going great and I was completing the laps well under my expected time…and I was taking it easy. The temperature was rising but we were prepped. Every lap an […]

Recovery – Take 3

Hey you awesome blog readers! I’m sitting here writing this one-week post-race, reflecting on my recovery. All in all, I walked away relatively unscathed…yes, ok, I said relatively – after all it is 100 miles!But seriously, having now done my third miler, I’m scared to jinx it and say, things are pretty good…in fact, more […]

One simple yet effective technique to improve your running

Meaning, we apply it to things aallll day, everyday, period. That person that cut us off in the traffic…grrrrr! (let’s be honest this is the go-to reaction for most of us…but one I’m definitely working on!). The tone of voice of your friend, partner, boss, a slight change and we wonder what’s wrong… Rain is […]

Just say no to quitting.

Options. They are everywhere and they are many. They are a blessing and can feel like a curse! There is one particularly insidious one that can be make or break for us when things get hard on a massive challenge and just in everyday life. I am going to advocate here to take this option […]

The long road to running muddy puddles!

It might not be what everyone aspires too. Long days on the trails, muddy puddles, sweaty clothes, breathless ascents of steep, relentless hills and daring descents dodging rocks – the feeling that only a reckless downhill descent can deliver. But it’s what has helped give me freedom, hope and confidence. It’s been a long road […]

The Secret to Happiness?

What do we *need* to be happy? Well, if you ask Google you get about 7,810,000,000 results! Clearly, this is a question a lot of people want to know the answer too. And the answers from Google? Well, they are many and varied – you need good mental, physical and emotional health, you need to choose to […]

When ‘I Can’ts’ become ‘I Can’s’

So I was just going about my business, getting ready for work when I was stopped in my tracks. I was jolted out of the auto-pilot of my morning routine (if I remember correctly I was doing something very mundane like putting my moisturiser on – hey, gotta look after those cheeks, right) when I […]

Reality and Responsibility

When your coaches words of the week post-race are “love your liver” you know shit is getting real. Sitting in the doctor’s office for three hours watching a dark liquid make its way into your body via the IV line in your hand, a Nurse coming in every so often to take your blood pressure […]

Recovery from the “Not So Normal”!

Post disclosure. I’m an excitable writer. My brain dumps words onto a page and the result might be a wee bit ‘wordy’ sometimes. Some of you will lap it up, others are trying to sneak reading this blog when your boss thinks your working. So, for those people I’ve treated you to a summary at […]

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