Colds, Consolidation, Community…and a Confession about Cows!

So, it seems those satisfying snot-rockets of last week were a tell-tale sign of a less than satisfying cold to come! 

I was relegated to the couch with a box of tissues and a bottle of hand-sanitizer to wait out the germs and rest-up. Thank God for Netflix and stretching and strengthening exercises, as I spent the days consolidating my running base with some good (well needed) self-care and strength work. 

This is something we all often overlook, and I’m as guilty as the next person of brushing off a strength session for a run – running is way more fun and feels more productive than a core and lower body strength session, am I right?! 

A big part of my new Running Hot program, however, it’s focused on keeping me strong and injury free and to do this I know I’ve got to build the strength…..and actually do the work. 😉 

So, while sickness has slowed me down, it has allowed me to start to integrate my strength work into my new routine going forward – I’m excited to see my running economy and efficiency improve as I build an overall stronger base. Between my Running Hot program and my Physio prescribed exercises I’m working towards being a stronger runner for life, not just a runner for the next race. 

Now I really need to give a massive shout out to you guys….the community! 

Seriously, wow, what can I say except I have been blown away by the support from you guys and also my local community who have got behind me to share this journey. I am truly humbled by the interest and support in this challenge and the journey! So thanks heaps, keep reaching out, and spread the word! 

On a note of my local community, I have some amazing sponsors who I’ve teamed up with that I’d love to share with you. Port Nelson has come onboard as a major sponsor and has been fantastic in their support – I’m excited to share this journey with them and their backing has made this all possible. Pic’s Peanut Butter (just, yum!) are fueling me on my runs and every day with their delicious peanut butter. As I mentioned in my earlier post, Sports Therapy Nelson started this all off and I am beyond grateful for their support keeping me in one finely tuned piece and keeping me running. 

I’ve got a bunch more amazing people getting behind me and sharing this crazy adventure, I’ll share them in the coming days, and you can check out all my sponsors in my ‘Sponsor’ album. 

Finally, I have a confession…about cows! I ran this weekend on a beautiful coastal track that covers a lot of farmland….and the cows… Eek!! 

It’s fair to say I have an irrational fear of the beasts. In fact, I almost cut my run short because I didn’t want to pass them on the track (the shame of it, I know). I gave myself a good talking too and continued on my run, but geez, I’ve either got to get over the fear – exposure therapy anyone?! or move to tracks that don’t have cows!! 

Anyone got any tips? …and please no stories of ‘when cows attack’, it’s those stories (and the relative size difference between myself and a cow) that is responsible for this fear in the first place. And, yes I will accept, advice along the lines of harden up! 

Happy running, catch you all next week where I’ll share a little about my coach and some of the things I’ve got to look forward to on this challenge – feet ripped to shreds from mud anyone!??, oh yeahhh,!

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