4 Top Sports Recovery Tips

My top 4 tips for sports recovery and a history lesson all rolled into one!

The Energiser Bunny just kept going, and going, and going. It just didn’t stop!  At least that’s what they told us.

So we never saw the Energiser Bunny run out of energy, but I can guarantee you it did! So, if you are getting about like you are the Energiser Bunny with an unlimited capacity I’m sorry to say that at some stage if you don’t recharge your drum will just stop beating.

Apparently, the Energiser Bunny became the ultimate symbol of longevity, perseverance and determination. I gotta say though, we were all duped! So, let’s forget 25 years of conditioning (yes the Energiser Bunny was a marketing icon for 25 years!!!) and look at how to really keep going with my top tips and products for sports and running recovery.

1. Sleep. I’ve mentioned sleep before, so if you missed it you can find it here. Sleep is the absolute first necessary step that must be taken for recovery.

2. Nutrition. We all love to top up on junk food post-mission. But, here’s my top tip. Have something healthy first. Remember what you put in is going to rebuild your body…so give it the good stuff first, THEN go for the junk food 😀

2. Stretching and foam rolling.  I gotta say I drag my feet on these two ** BUT, since I’ve started incorporating them more regularly I’ve noticed the difference. If like me you are not great at stretching, check out Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube for runners yoga that will have you feeling all nimble and bendy in no time!

3. Massage.  It’s great to get a professional massage when you can fit it in the budget. But you can also do self-massage post-run and stretching.  I love Sweet Cheeks Freshy Balm and Hot Cheeks.

4. Compression Boots.  I LOVE my Recovery Systems compression boots.  I make a habit of throwing the boots on while I eat my (healthy) dinner. Ticking two recovery boxes in one go!!

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