My word of the year – Intentional

My word of the new year is INTENTIONAL.

What does that mean?  Well, for me this means to actively create a life I truly love. To serve others, to nourish my own spirit, to add value to the world and to be present in my daily life checking in to see if what I’m doing is in line with my values, goals and purpose.

It’s so easy to just get swept up in life, time racing by, treading water just trying to keep afloat. By keeping this concept of being intentional in my actions, I can craft my life and respond, rather than react.

There are so many distractions pulling at our attention on a daily basis that it is easy to get picked up and swept along, pulled on the riptide of things that don’t serve us.

So, how am I being intentional?

  • Defining my goals and values
  • Having a long term plan
  • Having a weekly and daily plan
  • Reviewing the way I use my time

Do you have a word of the year or principle that you are living 2022 by?

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