Living my dreams

Living my life by design, my reality today is the dreams I had in the past.

I decided I was going to climb mountains and be a mountaineer.  Like so many things I have decided on in my life, at the time I had no idea how I was going to do it.  But, I had made the decision and I was going to make it happen.  

12 months later I found myself on snow-covered peaks, walking across glaciers and being made insignificant in the great expanse of towering mountain ranges.  

Beyond grateful, beyond privileged, soaking in every moment, knowing that these places are likely places I will never return to, and wanting to hold those moments to cherish in my memory.

I can sit here and summon the feeling of awe and wonder, close my eyes and take myself back to these places that were once just a dream.

Our current reality can be the result of the dreams we have dreamed in the past, or it can simply be the result of life unfolding unplanned, life just happening to us, rather than being lived purposefully.

In shaping my life by design I get to experience things that many others won’t.  By dreaming big dreams, and then taking the necessary steps to make them happen, I get to continually have ‘pinch me’ moments as my dreams come true!

We only get one chance (that we know of!) to live this life.  Is your current reality the one you designed it to be? What is a big dream that you have?

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