Something that I have learnt over the last few years, is that to be empowered I have to go out and do the things – myself.

What things?  The things that are hard, that scare me, that I don’t think I can do – the things that I would normally defer to someone else for. Even the things I don’t like doing (maybe they frustrate or bore me) and would rather leave to someone else.

If I’m always deferring to someone else to help or to make decisions, what happens when no one is around to help me?

So, to work on my own empowerment I actively choose to take the lead, to trust myself that I can sort things out, solve the problems.  To learn that I am enough, myself.

I have grown my empowerment through running and more recently through rock climbing and mountaineering.  Sometimes I feel like I have to pinch myself when I see how far I’ve come and just what I am capable of! I strongly believe sport is a great place where women can find empowerment.  A place where we can test our boundaries and stand strong in our abilities and accomplishments.  

It can be intimidating to toe the line, tie in for the climb, strap on the crampons and head out with my ice axe, but the growth that comes from it is 100% worth it.

What have you learnt about what empowers you? How do you increase your empowerment?

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