Does it get Easier?

So it seems I was under some misguided impression that as I got better at running the running would get easier… But it doesn’t seem too! ?

Today I realised that maybe it won’t get easier but I’ll just get better at it. Yeah, yeah you’d think I would have twigged to this one earlier.. But sometimes I can be a slow learner ?‍♀️ 

As the saying goes – and yup I’ve seen it, heard it and used it, but only now have I actually grasped the true meaning of it!!

‘It doesn’t get easier you just get stronger.’

I was breathing hard, running hard on my hill fartlek today and thinking that surely it must get easier. Then I thought back to my first attempts on this trail where I had to walk the up hills that I was today powering over. I also noticed the ease with which my body can run, my improved form, economy and efficiency. So much about running is ‘easier’ than it used to be… but as long as I’m pushing for improvement there will be times when the running is hard.

I also gave myself permission to change the story in my head about what ‘hard’ means, and now I’ll try to celebrate and embrace the hard stuff because it makes me stronger.

Embrace the spit flying, heart pounding, ragged breath hardness as a positive!

Run Like Tanya

When things seem hard, think back to where you’ve come from and celebrate your growth.

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