Do you think you can’t?

🎶🎶 Where’s your head at (Where your head at)

Where’s your head at (Where your head at)  🎶🎶

Now that we’ve taken a wee walk down memory lane with some early 00’s electronica, and you’ll have that hook running through your head for a while, let’s talk about mindset. 

Firstly, I’d say it’s quite normal to think that you can’t, your mind works to keep you safe and if you’ve never done something before your brain will be telling you that you can’t – I mean when you think about it, this is a perfectly reasonable summation. You haven’t done it before,  therefore you can’t – right? 🤷‍♀️

Hmmm, while there might be some logic in that argument, I will counter and suggest that there are times when we most definitely need to override our minds “I can’t” with an “I’m just going to go ahead and try.” ✊

It’s entirely possible, that if you try to make this leap from I can’t to I’ll try, to I can, that you’ll run a gauntlet of emotion depending on just how far out of your comfort zone you are pushing.  I’ve definitely been in the situation where fear has teamed up with dread and terror in a not so peaceful demonstration, protest placards waving while vehemently chanting “Hell no! We won’t go!” You know that moment where every fibre of your body is screaming “I can’t”, but there is something stronger inside you that says “I will!” 📣

I challenge you when you next catch yourself saying I can’t, to switch it up with:

🌟 I can

🌟 I will

🌟 How can I?

Tell me about a time you overcame your can’t by DM or in the comments below, I’d love to hear your stories 🤗

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