Sportlife Hack – Always carry a PLB

Yes! This hack got pole position, numero uno. This could save your life.  If you are new to trail running, mountaineering or generally being a bit wild you need to consider your safety at all times.  Things don’t go wrong too often, but if they do a PLB could be the difference – literally – between life and death.

Yeah, but Tanya, really what could go wrong? What if you sprain your ankle, take a fall, get a change in weather you didn’t expect, got summit fever and pushed on when you shouldn’t have.  Accidents happen, stuff goes bad. Protect yourself and protect those that might need to come and rescue you, it’s just part of the sport.

Here’s my top tips:

  • Always carry your PLB, first aid kit, emergency blanket and be prepared
  • Always tell someone where you are going, your route and how long you expect to be out.
  • Know your route and have the ability to check it out on the trails, maps, gps, etc.
  • If you’re running or hiking through tracks with huts, fill in the intentions book.
  • Out with a group? Discuss what first aid you all have and the location of your PLBs in your packs. Also discuss if anyone has any injuries. If you’re nav’ing agree how that will look out in the field. Have the discussions before you start to avoid difficult conversations at stressful times
  • Reassess as needed. Weather changing, route harder than you expected, terrain you really aren’t comfortable with, or just got a bad feeling? It’s ok to change the plan, decide early, follow your gut, you can always come back
  • Have fun knowing you have covered off your safety

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