Sportlife Hack – How to stash your stuff on your runs and missions

How to best stash your stuff when running?

You may be a purist and need very little to head off on your daily run.  You may also need music before you step out that door, maybe keys? If it’s cold you might want some gloves, a jacket, soft flasks, poles…..

Hoollldddd up!! I thought running was supposed to be a low key sport?!

Well, it is and it isn’t.  If you’re just heading off for a daily jog around the block, this tip isn’t for you!  If you like to go a little further and need to carry a bit more, then here are my recommendations.

  1. Mesh waist belts, or shorts with built in waist belts.  I have both of these things and I love them!  For runs up to a couple of hours, I can sometimes just get away with these.  No pack on my back, just everything packed around my waist.  Check out T8 shorts, or check out the Aonijie belt (which I LOVE!).  The beauty of these wonders of mesh is that you can just stuff everything in.  I always run with music so at the very least, I use these to stash my phone.
  2. Hydration pack. For runs and missions beyond a couple of hours and races.  When you need a bit more gear your hydration pack is your go to.  There are heaps on the market, and they are an individual choice, but around 13L is a good size.  I have a camelback women’s fit that I love (but it’s quite small at 7L), I still adore my UD 13L pack which is still going after 5 years.  
  3. Hiking pack. Fastpacking, hiking, mountaineering. Anything where you need a bit more kit for overnight or multi day, you’re moving into 20L+ territory.  These packs will be more structured, but carry nicer when under load.  Again, heaps of options with personal preference playing a big role. Personally, I’ll take a slightly heavier pack for the sake of better structure for comfort over the miles.  I love Osprey packs because they fit really well for my size and gender, where many others don’t, and they are comfortable to carry.

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