Sportlife Hack: All the ways to use a tube (buff)

So you might have seen a runner out on the trails.  You notice that they are breathing hard, arms flailing, looking like they are about to pass out with the effort! 🥵 (no? just me?). Anyway, if you’ve seen a trail runner kicking around or seen their epic photos in your feed you’ve probably noticed the fabric looped around their wrist, or catching the sweat on their brow.  You might have wondered if it’s just some weird trend, maybe it’s a code for a secret club…🤷‍♀️

…I mean, it’s probably one way to identify a trail runner, so maybe kind of like a club thing. But, It’s a tube, or more commonly referred to by the brand that launched it, a buff, and this bit of tube-shaped fabric is genius 🙌

Here are my top tips (and a warning☠️):

  • Around your wrist.  My wrist buff is mainly for snot! My nose seems to be running year round for one reason or another, so it’s snot rocket and wipe!  The wrist tube is great for wiping things. Snot, sweat, that gel that exploded! And, here’s the warning – if you’re crewing a runner, avoid touching their wrist buff at all times! 🤢
  • Around the head. In winter you want some warmth, but not too much. Enter, the tube around the head! I also love mine for a layer between my skin and headlamp – it’s just more comfortable 💡
  • Around the neck. Maybe there are bugs swarming on the trail and you need to cover your mouth and nose to breath (true story!) or it’s freezing on the tops and you need to layer up, think balaclava styles, orrr it’s crazy hot in a race and your crew can put some ice in that bad boy to help keep you cool – bliss 🥰
  • Other uses.  It’s super hot on the trail and there’s a stream nearby? Dunk, wear and enjoy the cooling effect. First aid, you should have your kit with you at all times, but your tube can double duty for non-sterile first aid use. Need a nap, use your tube as an eye mask 😴

I love my tubes, I have a bunch from different races I’ve completed and when I’m out on the trails I always have one or two spare because they are lightweight and so useful.  What are your genius tube tricks? Any good stories? 

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