45th Traverse Tales: 1st Instalment

Caswell Sound Ridge Heli Drop Point

As the heli flew towards the coast it was clear we weren’t going to have the bluebird day of our last recce. Dark clouds hung low in the sky ahead of us, and as we drew closer my heart beat faster. It’s amazing how other people’s perceptions can colour your own.  On the traverse recce, […]

Trip Report – The Remarkables Grand Traverse

Single Cone Remarkables

It was about 18 months ago that I wrote out a plan of all the mountains I wanted to climb.  At the time I had no climbing or mountaineering experience, I had just been looking at these peaks and felt a strong desire to summit them. I’m excited to have ticked off the first of […]

Trip Report – Breast Hill Blast

Breast Hill Lake Hawea

‘Let’s go off track, come on!’ I might as well have been jumping up and down like a child excited by the sound of a Mr Whippy truck, so excited I was by the potential fun to be had mere metres off track! It was a fun adventure with the girls taking on a hike […]

Trip Report – Classic Corner Peak Route

Corner Peak Lake Hawea

This trip was an eye-opener because it showed how far I’ve come in the last year. I remember the first time I attempted this route, I was nervous and scared, coming back a year later, I felt right at home. Perspective and experience are amazing things. Same place, same person, but a very different adventure. […]

Maungatika Summit

Climbing Maungatika

Stop the press: I wasn’t scared on this one! Read on for a trip report a bit different to my regular! Being prone to being a scaredy-cat AND given we had some ‘spicy’ ridgeline that we scrambled across, I was super pumped to come off this trip realising that I hadn’t been scared. I felt […]

Single Cone – Mountaineering

Summit of Single Cone, The Remarkables, Queenstown

This one was at the very edge of my comfort zone! In fact, in the pools of of comfort, I was doing laps around the edges of discomfort all day, and at some points dived headfirst into the depths of terror.  Having just completed a mountaineering course, I was sent off with the instruction to […]

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