Single Cone – Mountaineering

This one was at the very edge of my comfort zone! In fact, in the pools of of comfort, I was doing laps around the edges of discomfort all day, and at some points dived headfirst into the depths of terror.  Having just completed a mountaineering course, I was sent off with the instruction to go climb grade 1-1+ to build skills.  I didn’t know until I was well committed on this climb that we were in 2+ terrain.

My heart stopped or did it race? either way, it was doing funky things as I pushed through many moments of fear, bewilderment and anxiety.  There were moments I wished I was anywhere but where I was…but then when all was said and done I was glad to have taken on a challenge that provided so much room for growth.

Mountaineering scares me.  That’s a fact I can’t escape.  But I am also mesmerised by the peaks and drawn to the journey.  

The final push up the ridge to the Summit of Single Cone

The route: 

Single Cone, The Remarkables Range, North East Ridge

The people:

Ben Wallbank, Justin Wimmer, Nia O’Connor

Time of year:



Osprey 30L pack

BD Climbing Helmet

BD Crampons

BD Walking Axe

BD Gloves x 2 Liner + Ice climbing gloves

BD Mountaineering pants

BD Alpine Harness, belay device, prusik, carabiners

Scarpa Ribelle HD ¾ Shank Boots


Single Cone summit with Nia, Double Cone behind us

My Difficulty rating: 

I’m glad we had an experienced climber with us! This is not one I would have attempted without someone much more qualified than myself.  I’m still very aware that when it comes to the pointy end of mountains – I don’t know what I don’t know…or at least I know enough to know there is more I need to know.

Distance / Elevation / Time:

7.29km / 749m / 7hrs

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