Trip Report – Classic Corner Peak Route

This trip was an eye-opener because it showed how far I’ve come in the last year.

I remember the first time I attempted this route, I was nervous and scared, coming back a year later, I felt right at home.

Perspective and experience are amazing things. Same place, same person, but a very different adventure.

As we trotted back along the route, scrambling over rocks and navigating sidles, we reflected on how our accumulated time in the hills, climbing and mountaineering has allowed us to become much more comfortable. I am also excited for how much more I will grow and learn and feel comfortable in the years to come. I feel a whole lot more peak-bagging to come!

The Corner Peak Route is an honest slog up, covering 1700m of vert in about 8km.  The views are epic and the single track is so much fun! This is my fav in the Lake Hawea area, after Sentinel.  The views are outstanding, and the feeling of accomplishment when you’re done is totally worth the effort. Plus, if you get up early you can get it done before brunch!

  • The Route: Corner Peak, Hawea Conservation Reserve. If you’re a Wild Thing check it out here
  • The People: Ben Wallbank
  • The Time of Year: Spring (no snow)
  • Gear: Inov8 shoes, UD hydration pack, BD Poles, BD Gloves, Layers: T-shirt, Thermal, Goretex Jacket
  • My Difficulty Rating: Easy/Moderate running and hiking, some nav required, one exposed section
  • Distance/Elevation/Time: 17km, 1735m, 4.5hours (hike up, run down)

I love this kind of route, it’s interesting and challenging, and the views are the best! If you have any questions about the route or gear drop me a DM.

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