Mistakes runners make…Not being disciplined …Kind of unsexy…I know!

Being a Disciplined Runner

But seriously, achieving your goals takes discipline. So how do you develop discipline? Here’s my 4-step process: Tell me in the comments what beliefs you have that help you get out the door, lets share what works to help each other out *** If discipline is a problem for you and you’ve had enough, flick […]

Sportlike Hack #244: Get a theme song or mantra

Krayzie Kapers 100 Mile

‘I believe I can fly…whooo…I believe I can touch the sky…’ R.Kelly This was a running ‘theme song’ of mine for many years.  I can recall many a moment, pushing through the hard times and singing this one to myself with tears in my eyes as I overcame difficult times to complete a run or […]

Sportlike Hack #39: Tell yourself you can quit!

Tanya Running Selfie

What? You’re telling me to quit??? Yes! Well, kind of… We have all had those times where we struggle to find the motivation to train.  It’s too cold, too hot, we’re a little sore or we just can’t be bothered. There is pretty much no such thing as a bad run, and you always feel […]

Are you getting enough sleep?

There is a reason that sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture! Sleep, or lack thereof can seriously affect your life.  If, like me, you are hustling hard in your life and you’re trying to pack it all in, you’ll be needing to prioritise sleep, because if you don’t, your health will suffer […]

It’s Complicated

Running in the valley of trolls

So it seems my relationship with running just got complicated.  My specialist just informed me I can start my ‘back to running’ program. Hazza! Right? Now, you’d think I’d be lacing up my shoes and flying out the door with barely a backwards glance.  You’d think I’d be grinning from ear to ear at finally […]

On the Edge

I feel like I’m just teetering on the edge.  I’m feeling stronger and faster than I have in a really long time.  Week on week my paces improve, my weights increase, I am getting better, chasing my goals – moving ever closer. But yet, I am tired and I’m dealing with that mental game. Obsessing […]

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