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Welcome to Run Like Tanya. Happy, limitless and free is my moto. Here I share my adventures in trail running, inspire, inform and raise awareness and share my story of domestic violence along the way. Every person deserves to be empowered to live their best life, I am, are you with me?


Check out my Athlete story including my latest challenges, my amazing sponsors and the races I represent.


A born Story-Teller and keen to share my story you will find inspiration, practical advice, product reviews, and more.


I am an Advocate, raising awareness around domestic violence and recovery for victims reclaiming their lives.

a story of resilience

I first started to run when I was living in a destructive, abusive relationship. Running was my safe place, an area of my life that I could control. I ran from the pain, depression and anxiety, and I ran to feel powerful and strong. When I first started running it was with a grim determination, but what grew out of that was something much, much more, a love, a passion, a calling.

I found running at a super low point in my life and with and through running I have found a confidence, determination, strength and grit that I never knew I had. I also found friends, joy, nature and a new outlook on life.

Mine, like so many others, is a story of pain, horror and hardship. But it is also a story of love, hope and light. It is a story of resilience, grit and determination. I now run free and happy and limitless and that is the story I want to share.

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